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Xcode 4.3 Release Notes

Xcode 4.3 Release Notes

Resolved Issues


  • Xcode crashes when dragging tabs in full-screen mode. 9987358
  • Xcode crashes when opening multiple workspaces that contain the same folder reference (blue folder). 10079252


  • Installing Xcode on OS X v10.7.3 or later breaks the Xcode 4.3 Instruments app. 10619572

Editing User Interfaces

  • After enabling autolayout in a nib file, the wrong constraints are applied. 8201103
  • When resizing views that use autolayout, Xcode applies constraints to the descendants of the view being resized, but not to its siblings and ancestors. 9450655
  • Xcode doesn’t allow constraints with negative values. 9717632
  • When you create a user constraint, Xcode removes redundant constrains, which is not always desirable. 9794979
  • You cannot add width and height constraints to top-level views. 9877773


  • Xcode imports incorrect header in projects containing targets that produce different header files with the same name. 8201103
  • A build may hang if Xcode encounters a build error and the “Continue building after errors” option in general preferences is turned on. 10642885

Known Issues


  • The App Store app cannot install Xcode in the /Applications directory because there are beta releases of Xcode in that directory.
    Do not install beta releases of Xcode in the /Applications directory. 10824869

iOS SDK Support

  • Xcode cannot launch your app on a device for debugging after you install the iOS 3.x device debugging support component.
    Unplug and plug-in your device to your Mac, and ensure that you build your app for the armv6 architecture. 10538662

Editing Source Code

  • Xcode doesn’t show code-completion suggestions when there are mismatched braces.
    Turn on the “Automatically insert closing "}"” option in text editing preferences to reduce the number of mismatched braces. 10775381


  • Some debugger commands and log expressions in breakpoints fail when using the LLDB debugger because Xcode uses the wrong frame when executing the debugger command or evaluating the log expression.
    If you know what thread the the debugger command or log expression must run relative to, add a breakpoint action that sets the current frame to the appropriate one before the breakpoint action with the problem. 10426977

Debugging: LLDB

  • The variables pane in the debug area does’t display correctly the child values of variables with dynamic types (Objective-C object pointers and virtual C++ pointers).
    Use the console pane in the debug area: enter the commands frame variable *self or frame variable *this to the values.10658091
  • LLDB cannot be used to debug apps on devices running iOS 3.x or iOS 4.x.
    Set GDB instead of LLDB as the debugger in the scheme that builds your app. 10776590

Performance Measurement and Analysis

  • When there are more than one Xcode releases installed on your Mac, Xcode 4.3 may not find your app’s symbols when displaying crash reports and the trace data for instruments.
    To enable Instruments to find your app’s symbols when displaying trace data:
    1. In Instruments, choose File > Re-symbolicate Document.
    2. Search for you app’s name, and locate it in your app’s build directory, such as ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/<MyApp>. 10552213
  • You cannot run System Time Profile from the Instruments icon in the Dock by Control-clicking the icon and choosing System Time Profile.
    Control-click the Instruments icon in the Dock, and select the Allow Tracing of Any Process option. 10755622

Source Control and Snapshots

  • When Xcode attempts to authenticate Subversion repositories that require approval of a server certificate, one or more svn processes hangs.
    Authenticate the server in Terminal. 10042297

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