Monday, December 9, 2013

What is a distributed version control system?

1.2. What is a distributed version control system?

A distributed version control system does not necessarily have a central server which stores the data.
The user can copy an existing repository. This copying process is typically called cloning in a distributed version control system and the resulting repository can be referred to as clone.
Typically there is a central server for keeping a repository but each cloned repository is a full copy of this repository. The decision which of the copies is considered to be the central server repository is pure convention and not tied to the capabilities of the distributed version control system itself.
Every clone contains the full history of the collection of files and a cloned repository has the same functionality as the original repository.
Every repository can exchange versions of the files with other repositories by transporting these changes. This is typically done via a repository running on a server which is, other than the local machine of a developer, always online.
Creating snapshots

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