Monday, December 16, 2013

3. Understand code of Example

3. Understand code of Example

Metaio Example app has code of Tutorial 1 to 8, I am going to explain only code of Tutorial 1, Most enjoyable feature of Metaio SDK is “You don’t require NDK code” (I like this feature)

Files & Description

  • It extends ARViewActivity, not by Android Activity, We need to use getUILayout() function to provide xml layout and in loadContents() method we need to provide tracker configuration xml file and content file md2 or obj
  • tutorial1.xml: It has only one image button, nothing else
  • TrackingData_MarkerlessFast.xml: This xml is placed in in Assets/Tutorial1/Assets1, It has all require configuration for tracker, i.e. tracker image, sensor, algorithm use.
  • metaioman.md2: This is our metaioman 3D object which display when tracker found in camera.
That’s all, we don’t require NDK, C++ or OpenGL.
Metaio also provides cool feature “AREL” – Augmented Reality Experience Language, you might notice AREL button in Tutorial 1,  AREAL is more simpler then normal method. Click here to know more about AREL

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